oh. my. god.

shit shit shit SHIT this is so good

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dear diary, it was a bummer day & fuck that shit

collage & watercolors

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man I’m really sorry if I bum anyone out :[

I don’t feel good about myself

Like I can only keep myself going for so long

I see my friends getting compliments and nice words from strangers, so when I’m just left alone I think “if I were better, someone might be nice to me, too”

And then when it doesn’t happen I just think “Wow I guess I suck”

And I’m constantly comparing myself to my friends and I feel like they are too

And I can only be nice to myself for so long before I realize maybe I don’t deserve even that


Lazy record store employee

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Anonymous Asked: girls drool, boys rule!

ok buddy well

Dogs drool AND rule, so